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Andrzej Bartke


Office Location: 
S.I.U. School of Medicine 
801 N. Rutledge St. Room 4389 
P.O. Box 19628 
Springfield IL 62794-9628
Office: (217) 545-7962
Lab: (217) 545-7979


Educational Background:

Magister (equivalent MS) 1962 Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland Biology (Zoology) 
PhD 1965 University of Kansas Zoology (Genetics)

Research Interests:

Aging, longevity genes, growth hormone, insulin, mice, caloric restriction

Current project: 

We are working on the genetic control of aging in mammals and on endocrine mechanisms responsible for the effects of longevity genes

Recent Publications:

Al-Regaiey KA, Masternak MM, Bonkowski M, Sun L, Bartke A. Long-lived growth hormone receptor knockout mice: interaction of reduced insulin-like growth factor 1/insulin signaling and caloric restriction. Endocrinology 146:851-860, 2005.
 Bonkowski MS, Rocha JS, Masternak MM, Al-Regaiey KA, Bartke A. Targeted disruption of growth hormone receptor interferes with the beneficial actions of calorie restriction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103:7901-7905, 2006.