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Neuroscience Research Center

Donald Caspary


Office Location:
Department of Pharmacology
801 N. Rutledge
PO Box 19230
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Springfield IL 62702 

Office: (217) 787-4335


Educational Background: 

PhD Biology/Neurobiology, New York University, 1971

MS Zoology / Sensory Communication, Syracuse University, 1968

BA Zoology, University of Wisconsin, 1965

Research Interests:

Age-Related hearing loss (drug therapy for age-related hearing loss) 

Central sensory plasticity and tinnitus

Sensory pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and peurochemistry (auditory system)

Recent Publications:

Turner JG, Brozoski TJ, Bauer CA, Parrish JL, Myers K, Hughes LF, Caspary DM (2006) Rapid tinnitus screening in rats. Behavioral Neurosci. 120:188-195.

Caspary DM, Hughes LF, Schatteman TA, Turner JG (2006) Age-related changes in the response properties of cartwheel cells in rat dorsal cochlear nucleus. Hearing Res. 217:207-215.