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Neuroscience Research Center

Rich W. Clough


Office location:
Department of Anatomy
Southern Illinois University
at Carbondale
Life Science III 2075 / 2086B

Office: (618) 453-1578



Educational Background:

Ph.D. Human Anatomy, University of Nebraska College of Medicine, 1983 

Research Interests:

Neuroendocrinology, epilepsy, neuropathology, immediate early gene expression in the brain, neural development, synaptogenesis, recovery of neurological function following traumatic brain injury.

Recent Publications: 

Clough RW, Neese SL, Sherrill L, Tan AA, Browning RA, Smith DC. (2007) Cortical edema in moderate fluid percussion brain injury is attenuated by vagus nerve stimulation. Neuroscience 147:286-293.

Yan XX, Xiong K, Luo XG , Struble RG, Clough RW. (2007) Beta-secretase expression in normal and functionally deprived olfactory bulb: Inverse correlation with oxidative metabolic activity.  J Comp Neurol 5-1(1):52-69.

Neese SL, Sherill LK, Tan AA, Roosevelt RW, Browning RA, Smith DC, Andrea Duke A, Clough RW. (2007) Vagus nerve stimulation may protect GABAergic neurons following traumatic brain injury in rats: An Immunocytochemical study. Brain Res 1128(1):157-163.