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Neuroscience Research Center

Carl Faingold


Office Location:
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
801 N Rutledge Street
Room 3289A 
Springfield Illinois 62702 

Office: (217) 545-2185


Educational Background: 

Post-doctoral fellowship Neuropharmacology, University of Missouri Institute of Psychiatry, 1972

Ph.D Pharmacology, Northwestern University, 1970

Bachelor's Pharmacy, University of Illinois in Chicago, 1965

Research Interests:

Neuronal networks, alcohol, epilepsy, seizure, inferior colliculus, reticular formation, substantia nigra, amygdala

Recent Publications: 

Raisinghani M, Faingold CL. (2005) Pontine reticular formation neurons are implicated in the neuronal network for generalized clonic seizures which is intensified by audiogenic kindling. Brain Res 1064 (1-2):90-99.

Raisinghani M, Faingold CL. (2005) Neurons in the amygdala play an important role in the neuronal network mediating a clonic form of audiogenic seizures both before and after audiogenic kindling. Brain Res 1032:131-140.