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Michael Hoane


Office Location:
Southern Illinois University
77-C, Life Sciences II
Carbondale 62901

Office: (618) 453-3517

Fax: (618) 453-3563

Email: mhoane@siu.edu


Educational Background: 

Ph.D., Texas Christian University

Research Interests:

Traumatic brain injury, cell replacementtherapy, vita-nutrient therapy

Recent Publications: 

Quigley, A., Tan, A.A., & Hoane, M.R. (in press). The effects of hypertonic saline and nicotinamide on behavioral and cognitive function following cortical contusion injury in the rat. Brain Research.

Hoane, M.R., Kaufman, N.A., Vitek, M.P., & McKenna, S.E. (2009). COG1410 improves cognitive performance and reduces cortical neuronal loss in the traumatically injured brain. Journal of Neurotrauma, 26, 121-130.

Young, M.E., Clark, M.H., Goffus, A., & Hoane, M.R. (2009). Mixed effects modeling of Morris water maze data: Advantages and cautionary notes. Learning and Motivation, 40, 160-177.