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Neuroscience Research Center

Eric Jacobs

Office location:
Department of Psychology
Life Sciences II
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-6502

Office: (618) 453-3555

Fax: (618) 453-3563



Educational Background:

Ph.D., University of Florida

post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Vermont

Research Interests:

Applied Behavior Analysis,Human Operant Behavio,Choice and Decision Making

Recent Publications :

Dixon , M.R., Jacobs, E.A., & Sanders, S. (2006). Contextual control of delay discounting in gamblers. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 39, 413-422. 

Marsch, L. A., Bickel, W. K., Badger, G. J., & Jacobs, E. A. (2005). Buprenorphine treatment for opioid dependence: The relative efficacy of daily, twice and thrice weekly dosing. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 77, 195-205.