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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is an international celebration of our brains with lectures and activities to educate the public about neuroscience and neuroscience research. Traditionally scheduled for the 2nd full week of March, you can find Brain Awareness activities throughout the year. A variety of organizations participate--schools, research societies, learning centers--to bring information via demonstrations, lectures and hands-on activities to people of all age groups. An informal international calendar of events is maintained by the Dana Foundation.

Because BAW usually falls during SIU's spring break, our participation has been spotty. However you can check the following events about our programs.

In 2012 SIU celebrated Brain Awareness Week from March 18-24 and was the first year with Neuroscience Research Center participation. The Southern Illinois Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience sponsored three public lectures on topics of interest to the community. These lectures covered a wide range of topics. For an overview flyer of the series see HERE (pdf).

March 20, 2012. 7:30pm. Life Science III Auditorium (Rm 1059)
Your Memory: Velcro or Teflon?
Dr. Robert Jensen, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychology, SIUC

Why is it that we remember some things for years and years while other memories fade and are quickly forgotten? Understanding the biological mechanisms underlying memory and memory modulation is a major focus of contemporary neuroscience. This presentation will focus on research conducted here at SIU into the relationship between arousal and the strength of memory storage. Practical strategies for improving your memory and for dealing with some of the consequences of advancing age will also be discussed.

See HERE for a map and driving instructions to Life Science III.

March 21, 2012. 7:30pm. Life Science III Auditorium (Rm 1059)
Language—The Engine to the Train and How Kids and Families Get Side-Tracked
Dr. Richard Collins, Executive Director, Brehm Preparatory School

The acquisition of language is a complex developmental cognitive process. Difficulty with language has profound effects on both children and adults. This presentation will focus on academic, social, and emotional outcomes for child and family as children with language difficulties progress through educational systems. Early intervention can prevent mounting complications as children get older.

See HERE for a map and driving instructions to Life Science III.

March 22, 2012. 7:30pm. Life Science III Auditorium (Rm 1059)
Addiction Revisited: Moving from Myth to Fact
Dr. D. Shane Koch, Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Services, SIUC

Most people think that they know what addiction is, but they have a hard time coming up with an exact definition. Is coffee addicting? What about marijuana? There is a lot of confusion about what is addicting and what is not, as well as what causes addiction. This presentation will detail current advances in understanding addiction and its treatment.

See HERE for a map and driving instructions to Life Science III.